Komori Recommendations Recommendations of lubricants given by KOMORI INTERNATIONAL Netherlands B.V. (March 2008).
PRESS LUBRICANTS Chemie Technik (Elkalub) Vegra (Maintenance Products) Swarfega Duck Oil Service Spray LubeClean (Roller Paste) Food Machinery Lubricants
Chemie Technik (Elkalub) - Komori Recommended Press Lubricants:
ELKALUB LFC Range - Lubricating OIls: Application: Specification: Recommended Product(s): Pneumatic Oil: ISO VG 22 ELKALUB LFC 1022 Machine Oil: ISO VG 32 ELKALUB LFC 1032 ISO VG 46 ELKALUB LFC 1046 ISO VG 68 ELKALUB LFC 1068 ISO VG 100 ELKALUB LFC 1100 Compressor Oil: ISO VG 100 ELKALUB LFC 9100 VDL 150 DIN 51506 ELKALUB LFC 9150 Delivery hoist motor (oil sealed type): ISO VG 320 ELKALUB LFC 1320  Delivery chain automatic lubrication: ISO VG 150 (adhesive) ELKALUB LFC 1150 H   ISO VG 220 (adhesive) ELKALUB LFC 1220 H for IR + UV dryer ELKALUB GLS Range - Lubricating Greases: Application: Specification: Recommended Product(s): Universal EP - lubricating grease: NLGI 2 multi-purpose ELKALUB GLS 75/N2 Gripper shaft lubrication: Thixotropic special grease ELKALUB GLS 163     Delivery hand grease pump + vacuum High-temperature grease pressure pumps, blowers: NLGI N2 IR/PAO based   ELKALUB GLS 962/N2 UV-environment lubrication for roller Polyglycole based KPPG2K-20 ELKALUB GLS 835/N2 and slide bearings: grease with best UV-resistance ELKALUB GLG Range - Liquid Grease: Application: Specification: Recommended Product(s): Operation NLGI 0   liquid grease ELKALUB GLG 16/N0 side/pump tank: NLGI 00 liquid grease ELKALUB GLG 16/N00 ELKALUB FLC Range - Lubricating Sprays: Application: Specification: Recommended Product(s): Ink duct-keys spray: Synth. EP grease spray ELKALUB FLC 367 Gripper seats spray: based on LA 1 ELKALUB FLC 1012 Gripper seats spray: Synthetic/high.temp ELKALUB FLC 4010 Chain cleaning spray: Odourless special fluid ELKALUB FLC 675 R+S Corrosion protection (fluid): Prevents corrosion between ELKALUB MBF 370     printing plate and cylinder Graphic silicone spray: General application ELKALUB FLC 710
High Performance Lubricants

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