Pressroom Accessories Pomeroy supply an extensive array of pressroom accessories including anti-marking materials, washcloth, cleaning wipes and  damper covers to mention just a few...
Filters are key to reducing costs and improving productivity. From filters to our FountLoop, you’ll see the difference. We supply filters compatible with Technotrans, Baldwin and Royce fount solution circulation units.
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Pressroom Accessories
Filters / Filtration:
STANDARD ‘beta’ Filter Bags for Technotrans (with plastic adaptor) These filter bags are manufactured to OEM specifications and designed to remove impurities which can cause such problems as tinting, scumming, hickies, and early plate wear. Size: 470 x 370mm Supplied: 12 per pack Description: Water filter bags for re- circulators, delivered complete with plastic adaptor. Part No.: FILTERBAG/370X470 PREMIUM Version also available for finer micron impurities. Part No.: FILTERBAG/370X470P
Water Filter Mats / Pads High density efficiency filter mats for all systems. BALDWIN common sizes: Size: Supplied: 200 x 317 mm 10 per pack 235 x 235 mm 10 per pack 200 x 400 mm 10 per pack 400 x 400 mm 10 per pack 150 x 460 mm 10 per pack 350 x 350 mm 10 per pack Technotrans common sizes: Size: Supplied: 240 x 280 mm 10 per pack 240 x 370 mm 10 per pack 280 x 200 mm 10 per pack 250 x 670 mm 10 per pack 300 x 250 mm 10 per pack 250 x 470 mm 10 per pack 270 x 250 mm 10 per pack 750 x 360 mm 10 per pack Other sizes available on request.
‘alpha’ Filter Bags for Technotrans These filter bags are manufactured to OEM specifications and designed to remove impurities which can cause such problems as tinting, scumming, hickies, and early plate wear. Size: 250 x 250mm Supplied: 10 per pack Description: Keep your Technotrans water units clean and operating correctly with these water re-circulator filter bags. Part No.: FILTERBAG/250X250
Felt Filter Bags Manufactured to OEM specifications. Available with ‘Plain Top’ or ‘Bottle Neck’. Size: 130 x 500mm Supplied: 10 per pack Description: Felt filter bags for circulation units. Available in either ‘Plain Top’ or ‘Bottle Neck’. Part No.: Plain Top: FILTERBAG/130X500PT Bottle Neck: FILTERBAG/130X500BN
PALL Lithopure Clarifiers (filters) Whether you operate a sheetfed or web  press, it is likely that you are utilising a  recirculating or sprayed fountain  solution system. By processing your  fountain solution through a PALL  Lithopure clarifier, you can reduce your  costs and improve the productivity of  your operation.  PALL Filtration have developed a range  of Lithopure filters to address the  problem of dirt saturated fount  circulation systems.    LP1F (Each) LITHOPUREFILTERLP1F LP1F (6 Pk) LITHOPUREFILTERLP1F LP6E (Each) LITHOPUREFILTERLP6E LP6E (4 Pk) LITHOPUREFILTERLP6E (40 micron) LP6F (Each) LITHOPUREFILTERLP6F LP6F (4 Pk) LITHOPUREFILTERLP6F (70 micron) LP6G (Each) LITHOPUREFILTERLP6G LP6G (4 Pk) LITHOPUREFILTERLP6G (100 micron)
Pomeroy Fount Loop Filtration System The PPP Fount Loop is a self enclosed  filtration system which you simply place  into your fount circulation tank, runs  totally independently to any other filters  in your system. The Fount Loop will filter  a maximum of 83 litres per minute in  addition to any existing filters. This means that your need to ‘deep  clean’ your system can be reduced  dramatically. Your maintenance intervals  can be extended and if you are trying to  reduce or eliminate IPA, it is an absolute  must. The Fount Loop requires NO  expensive installation. Fount Loop LP1F Part No.: LITHOPURELLP1F&PA Fount Loop LP6E (40 micron) Fount Loop LP6F (70 micron) Fount Loop LP6G (100 micron) Part No.: LITHOPURELP6&PA
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InkCatchers The InkCatcher is a simple nylon mesh  bag filled with a special absorbent  material which will soak up and remove  emulsified ink from the fount circulation system and maintain cleanliness effectiveness longer. Small 21 x 12 cm (4 per pack) Part No.: IGRABBERS Medium 24 x 21 cm (6 per pack) Part No.: IGRABBERSM Large 42.5 x 25 cm (4 per pack) Part No.: IGRABBERSL
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Pleated Panel Air Filters Pleated panel air filters with grades from G4  through to F8. Suitable in the lower efficiencies for general heating and air conditioning, and for pre-filtering higher spec filters such as bags, carbons, etc. G4 GRADE – economy and higher quality options are available in all standard sizes in thicknesses of 20mm, 45mm and 95mm with card or high wet strength board frames. Non-standard sizes are available on request. F5 (M5), F6 (M6), F7 and F8 GRADE -  available in standard sizes with high wet strength board frames in 48mm and 98mm thick. Non-standard sizes are available to order.
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